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    Rules & Regulations


    1. The Management agrees to provide space.
    2. The Management reserves the right to reject or prohibit exhibits they consider objectionable or to relocate exhibits or exhibitors when, in their opinion, such moves are necessary to maintain the character and/or good order of the show.
    3. In the event the building should be destroyed by fire or the elements or if any circumstances whatsoever should occur which might make it impossible for the Management to permit Exhibitors to occupy the premises or if the Show is cancelled, the Exhibitor shall pay for space only for the period the space was or could have been occupied by such Exhibitor, and the Management will be in no way responsible for any claims or damage, which might arise in consequence thereof. A refund of all monies received from the Exhibitor will be made by the Management in the event of this Show not being held as proposed, and the Management shall be released from any and all claims for damages or otherwise.
    4. Approval of show management must be acquired prior to the distribution (for sale or promotion) of any food or beverage products.
    5. Interpretation of Rules and Regulations: The Management reserves the right to make such changes, amendments and additions to the rules and regulations as shall be considered necessary to the proper conduct of the Show. Interpretation of the rules and regulations shall rest with the Management and their decision shall be final.


    1. Cancellation of Space: Cancellation of space is non-refundable and non-transferable. Payment and insurance papers must accompany your entry. See information and insurance papers available on the website.
    2. Booth Decor: Only as provided for in the Contract or obtain from Superior Show Service or your own personal display materials.
    3. All electric wiring over and above that provided in the Contract shall be at the Exhibitor’s expense.
    4. The Exhibitor will hold the Management harmless from any damage, expense or liability arising from any injury or damage to said Exhibitor, his agents, servants or employees, or to the property of the said Exhibitor occurring in the said building or the approaches and entrances thereto.
    5. If the Exhibitor fails to comply in any respect with the Contract and Rules and Regulations, all rights of the Exhibitor hereunder shall cease and terminate and Management may thereupon rent said space.
    6. The Exhibitor’s property shall be placed on display and exhibited at his risk and the Management assumes no responsibility for damage thereto. The Exhibitor shall assume all responsibility for loss or damage to his property due to fire, theft, flood, lightning, earthquake, explosion or any cause beyond the control of the Management.
    7. Absolutely NO sharing or subletting of space without prior approval from the CBC.
    8. Booth and Stall Restrictions: Each exhibit (trade show and livestock) shall be installed so as not to obstruct the view of, or interfere with, the exhibit (space) of others. All exhibit structures, activities, displays, etc. MUST be confined within the limits of the space purchased and assigned. Any exhibitors who stretch the boundaries of space purchased with placement of products/displays, tackboxes, etc. outside of your purchased area will have said item(s) removed from the space. There will be no exceptions.
    9. All goods shipped to this Show must be clearly marked with the name of the Exhibitor. The Management assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to goods before, during or after the Show.
    10. The Exhibitor is responsible for the placement and cost of insurance related to his participation in the Show.
    11. The Exhibitor agrees that no display will be dismantled or goods removed during the entire Show, but will remain intact until closing. Exhibitors are responsible for security of their exhibits upon closure of Show. Failure to comply will result in forfeit of prize monies and refused entry into future shows. (Livestock/Trade).
    12. Exhibitor is liable for any damage caused to buildings, floors, walls or columns, or to standard booth equipment, or to other exhibitor property. Exhibitor may not apply paint, lacquer, adhesive or other coating to building columns or floors or to standard booth equipment without written permission of the Management.
    13. The Exhibitor agrees to observe all Contracts and Labour Relations Agreements in force. Agreements between Management and official contractors servicing this building or companies operating in the building in which the Show will take place and to observe the Labour Laws of the Jurisdiction in which the building is located. The Exhibitor will not do anything directly or indirectly connected with his displays which may be in violation of any law, bylaw, ordinance, or regulation of any governmental body or which may be in violation of the regulation of the Canadian Fire Underwriters Association or any other similar body.
    14. The Exhibitor shall undertake to maintain qualified personnel in his display during the Show hours.
    15. All livestock entered into CBC must be tagged with approved CCIA tags.
    16. To comply with all rules, regulations and procedures contained in the 2020 Handbook and/or prescribed by CBC officials.
    17. No subletting of booth space without prior written consent from the CBC office.
    18. Registration numbers/tattoos and herd letters must be submitted on entries for all purebred cattle entered into shows, and all purebred animals must be tattooed. Random verifications will be done upon entry.
    19. Registration papers must accompany all purebred entries eligible for Triple Crown. Animals will be verified against the papers submitted. Inspection and verification will be done by the Barn Boss prior to show.
    20. Any animals leaving prior to Saturday at 5:00 p.m. will forfeit any prizes or monies won and will not be accepted into any future shows.
    21. Under no circumstances are pedestrian walkways to be used to move cattle.
    22. Clipping is in designated areas only.
    23. Neck ropes are mandatory for all animals. Mature bulls need to be tied in their stalls with a secured neck rope and any unruly animal will be gated or removed. This will be at the total discretion of the Barn Boss and his decision will be final.
    24. Junior and 4-H exhibitors are bound by all CBC rules and regulations.
    25. No dogs are permitted in any CRE facility.
    26. Exhibitors and spectators are cautioned to take extra care with the use of strollers in the facility. All children must be supervised while in the facility.
    27. No limitations on entries, but be advised the show orders will not be adjusted even if breeding unit entries are in the same class.
    28. Any incomplete entries, as well as entries received after December 20, 2019 will be assessed a $100 administration fee.
    29. Arena Lock Down: 11:00 p.m. on Thursday and Friday. Anyone staying later must clear it with the Barn Boss.
    30. Alcohol consumption is only allowed in the licensed areas. No outside liquor allowed. No smoking in any CRE facilities.